Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP-X)

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) or Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) are technical manuals (such as maintenance, training, user or operations manuals) usually authored in XML or SGML and designed with an interactive user interface and illustrations. IETMs are a portable, electronic "library" which contain thousands of pages of maintenance documentation and graphics and allows end users to locate technical documentation in a more efficient manner, and the digital nature provides a more agile and accurate method of updating technical documentation. VFS Technologies provides IETP support from class 1 to Class 5.

  • IETP Development and Customization
  • FOSI, DTDs, XSL Schema Style Sheets Creation
  • DTD, XSD Schemas and Stylesheets (FOSI, XSL, XSLT)
  • Support for S1000D, Ispec2200, DITA, and ATA100 standards
Augumented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality

VFS offers visual imitation technology-based services and solutions for a wide variety of applications across various segments covering Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Real Estate, Medical Science, Entertainment & Gaming, Education, Railways, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering & Construction and so on.


An interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. It enhances natural environments or situations and offer perceptually enriched experiences


The use of computer technology to create a simulated environment Experience the simulated environment which creates and enables users to immerse and able to interact with 3D worlds


Merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations. The digital-world driven by the real-world in the presence of intelligent virtual environment.

Why AR, VR & MR

Virtual Reality is a fast-growing technology adopted by various sectors and people across the world for various kinds of applications, which include games, Computer Based Training applications, marketing, virtual interactive experience and so on. Many global organisations are investing and actively working in this Technology and its applications. The recent advancements in virtual reality hardware, mobile devices, computers and development software, have enabled many industries to start adopting virtual reality in their projects and thereby created many opportunities for application developers, product developers, content developers, hardware suppliers and system integrators which helps saving costs enormously without investing on real Hardware, Equipment’s, machines or structures.

VFS Technologies is one of the energetic players in virtual reality-based application development, product development and system integration. We are actively working on training / learning applications, virtual interactive experience applications, Interactive visualization and marketing applications.

Our Engineers have the real time experience and exposure to work on the latest tools and technologies available in the industry to deliver the best quality output. We also adopt a smart way of working and engaging our Tech Partners and SMEs for any specific requirements.

IoT and Industrial Innovation

VFS Technologies has keen focus and trusts in catching-up the industrial trends and technological growth such as IoT, AI and ML and invests good amount of effort and energy on them.

We are actively developing IoT solutions for developed and emerging markets. Due to rapid adoption of IoT in various verticals, we have setup an Innovation center in Bangalore to cater for the demand. We also adopt a smart way of working and engaging our Tech Partners and SMEs for any specific requirements

  • IoT Solution Development services
  • Gateway Design and Firmware Development
  • Cloud Application Development for IoT
  • Data analytics solution for IoT
  • Connected factory solutions (IIoT)
    • Industrial Energy Management (IEMS)
    • Efficiency Management (OEE)
  • Legacy modernisation
IEMS – Industrial Energy Management

VFS is developing a custom designed platform for Industrial Energy Management System.

  • Data Visualization - Cloud
  • Data Collection - Gateways
  • Vendor Agnostic - Data acquisition from Industry Standard devices
  • Gain real time data from overall plant
  • Consolidated cloud dashboard
    • Observe Usage
    • Analyze and predict patterns
    • Asses behavior of Equipment
    • Monitor related parameters
  • Realtime Alerts based on thresholds
  • Analytics with compute - Machine Learning and AI
Need for EMS
  • More Adoption of Electric energy compared to Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental impact: 1kw generates 0.9 Kg Co2 emission
  • Demands not met in many countries
  • Challenges in managing balance
    • Generation
    • Distribution and
    • Consumption
  • Shift in transportation Sector – Electric Vehicles
  • About 50% of energy is consumed by Industries
  • Tracking of real-time usage of energy
  • Derive meaningful Insights
  • Identification of root cause
  • Optimize Usage
Project Management Solutions

VFS Technologies project management expert panel offers solutions for the various project management issues an organisation may face.